High 5 4 Kids: Amari Wilson

High 5 4 Kids: Amari Wilson

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Amari Wilson wasn't expected to live past 24 hours, after she was born at 23 ½ weeks January 12th, 2014.

"She was only one pound, seven ounces," mom Amber Hernandez said. "You couldn't touch her because her skin was so delicate. "

Doctors gave the tiny baby, born at MCG hospital, a grim diagnosis.

"The doctors said she would have brain bleeds and that would cause mental retardation; that she would be blind and that she would probably never take a bottle," Amber said.

But 24 hours passed, then 48. Eventually, it was May and baby Amari had already survived five months in the NICU. Mom and dad were finally able to take her home.

"She had oxygen, a feeding tube and an apnea monitor," Amber said.

Still, Amari kept improving and didn't need the oxygen just two months later. Then in September, she surprised doctors again by doing something they never thought she would.

"She took a bottle, which they said she would not do," Amber said. "We were able to remove her feeding tube and that was a big, victorious day."

Amari, though, has a long way to go. Her immune system is so sensitive that she is unable to play with other kids. Her lungs did not fully develop either and she will suffer from chronic lung disease for the rest of her life.

"With physical therapy and speech therapy, she has actually started to crawl this past month and sit up on her own," Amber said.

Mom said she thinks the miracle baby, born way too early, is just going to keep defying the odds.

"She's a miracle," Amber said. "She had the fight of life in her"

Amari will turn one January 12th. To help with medical bills, a Go Fund Me page has been set up in her name at http://www.gofundme.com/jbcb5c.

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