Year in Review: Wicked winter weather

Year in Review: Wicked winter weather

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It was a historic year for weather in the CSRA, one that we won't soon forget.

2014 had just started to unfold when a few inches of snow fell across Georgia.

In Atlanta, cars were abandoned on highways as roads were rendered impassable.

It mostly caused some tough driving in Augusta, and a couple days off for school kids.

It quickly melted away. But, little we did we know, just two weeks later, a more devastating icy punch was waiting in the wings.

The second week of February saw the arrival of a devastating ice storm, a historic blow to the CSRA.

The freezing rain was relentless, reeking icy havoc on all it touched. More than an inch of it glazed parts of our area.

But not only ice fell to the ground. Trees and power lines collapsed under the weight of the freezing rain.

Folks around our area plunged into the cold and darkness for days.

And the historic ice storm caused an equally historic loss at one of the world's greatest golf courses.

By the end of it, emergency management officials were dealing with millions and millions of dollars in damage.

And they're still dealing with the financial strain of it.

But the CSRA emerged stronger, coming together to clean up.

And now we're even more ready for the next storm, just in case.

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