Teachers say car crash victim is 'great student, sweetest person'

Teachers say car crash victim is 'great student, sweetest person'

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A teenager is still in critical condition after a deadly wreck in Thomson Sunday. Kamaree Spencer, 15, is the only survivor from a wreck that took the lives of four people, including his mother.

Kamaree is only a freshman in the college prep program at the Academy of Richmond County, but he's already made an impact on the school.

Nicole Moss is Kamaree's honors biology teacher, and she said he's a joy to teach.

"Kamaree is a great student. He's the kindest and sweetest person I know," Moss said. "He greets me everyday with a smile on his face and always asks me about how I'm doing. So it's kind of tough to be seeing him in such a terrible condition right now."

"He's very kind, very thoughtful. The kind of student you would want to have in your class. Always willing to be very helpful, getting his work done, just a very good student," said Dr. Melinda Cobb, the principal at ARC.

Kamaree was airlifted to Georgia Regent's Health Center after he was critically injured in a car accident over the weekend, something nobody at ARC was expecting.

"I had actually seen the news before I had actually known it was Kamaree. So when I did finally get a message that it was him, it kind of broke my heart because he is such a sweet young man," Moss said.

Moss said the classroom environment has been a little different for her since the wreck.

"It's a little weird. He sits right in the front row. So, it's hard to pass out papers and not see him sitting there waiting for his, and asking me how I'm doing today," she said.

The school has set up counseling services for students that need to talk, and the students have come together, making posters and cards to be delivered. The students and staff are keeping their hopes up, and are praying for a successful recovery.

"We are confident that he is going to pull through and we know he will. And we just want to make sure that he knows that we believe in him," Cobb said.

"Get well soon, and take care of yourself. We'll be here, but just hurry back," Moss said.

The students have also asked for the support of the community on Twitter with the #prayforKamaree, and now they're just waiting for their classmate to come back.

The school said counseling will be available as long as the students need it.

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