New app allows users to see health inspection scores of favorite restaurants

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - You can now find out the health scores of some of your favorite bars and restaurants in Georgia right on your phone.

The app is called What the Health, and was created by Chris Peoples and Jake VanDyke, both Augusta natives. They said a trip to downtown is what drove them to create their app What the Health.

"One night in downtown Augusta we were just searching around for restaurants to eat at, and we were kind of going by health inspection scores. We were surprised by some of the health inspection scores that some of those restaurants received," Peoples said.

What the Health shows you the health score, and even what violations the restaurant or school was cited for during an inspection from the public health department.

But users need to remember the grading system isn't always perfect.

"It's not an exact science. So these help you judge your risk. [Grading systems] can even vary from inspector to inspector, or county to county." VanDyke said.

We showed the app to customers and managers of local restaurants here in Georgia, and many people agree that having health scores right at your fingertips is extremely helpful when deciding where to go to eat.

Daniel Scholer is the General Manger for Wild Wing Cafe, and he's glad the app breaks down exactly what's in the inspection report.

"I'm glad it doesn't just show the score. It shows what people got taken off for, or what the actual violations are. So people can look at that and see, instead of just judging it by like 'Ah they got a B, we're not going to go eat there,' " Scholer said.

Customers Amie and Baylon Thomas said it helps let people know exactly what they're walking into when they pick a place to eat.

"I think a lot of times when you see the number you always want to know why, and know the reason behind the low score or the high score," said Amie.

"You compare [the score] to what you actually see there. If they did get a high score, the cleanliness of the restaurant, the quality of the service or food compared to if it's a lower score you may see some things that you don't like," Baylon said.

Peoples and VanDyke hope to expand the app to the Carolinas and Tennessee next, and are hoping launch the app nationally in the future.

You can download the What the Health app now for free on your IPhone and Android in the app store. If you would like more information on the app, you can head to the What the Health website.

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