State representatives discuss legalizing marijuana

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Beverly Boehm said she remembers the first time she realized she may have had epilepsy.

"I started having black out spells when I was younger but I never had my first grandma seizure until my first year of nursing school, right outside the nursing building," Boehm said.

After being diagnosed with the affliction, Boehm said she hasn't been able to find proper medication to take.

"I'm on my tenth medication right now," Boehm said. "I've had failures with all of them."

The nursing student from Columbus traveled to Augusta on Wednesday to sit in on a joint study committee on legalizing medical cannabis in the state.

"It's having a tremendous impact in reducing seizures for kids with seizures disorders and so that's why we've been motivated to try to look at legislation in Georgia to provide citizens with the same access to cannabis oil in Georgia they are allowed to have in other states," said Rep. Allen Peake from Macon.

Doctors at Georgia Regents plan on conducting two different studies testing cannabis

"Specifically cannabidiol produced by a company called GW Pharmaceuticals and their product is Epidilex and this is specifically that product as opposed to oil or an extract, which contain other cannabidiols as well," said Dr. Michael Diamond.

Officials and professionals both stress that if made legal, the cannabis oil that will be used to treat these patients will be high in CBD and low in THC - the component that causes people to get high.

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