Gov. Haley's bus tour stops in North Augusta

Haley Bus tour stops in North Augusta

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - Governor Nikki Haley stopped in North Augusta Friday, visiting supporters right before the November 4th elections.

"We're so glad to be here and thank you for everybody coming out. It is a great day in South Carolina," Haley opened her remarks with. "I came to you and I ask you for help. I asked you to take a chance on me. All I had at that time were my words. That's all I had to give you. That and a vision."

She touted job creation and education reform as her major accomplishments while in office.

"This is our results," Haley said. "This isn't what we say. This is what we've done. 57,000 new jobs. 25,000 people from welfare to work. The largest transportation bill in 2 decades. Education reform for the first time in twenty years and we're just getting started."

Gov. Haley will face off against Democratic challenger Vincent Sheheen in the elections on Tuesday November 4th.

Sheheen got a major endorsement on Friday. "The Herald," a newspaper in Rock Hill endorsed Sheheen citing his work across the aisle for 10 years to pass the landmark bill to restructure the government. They write he will provide more authority in the governor's office.

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