School lunches could be regulated

School lunches could be regulated

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Pretty soon your child's school lunch could look a lot different.

Under new federal regulations, championed by First Lady Michelle Obama, schools are encouraged to conform to stricter guidelines. These specifically outline what can and cannot be served in order to receive subsides.

That means more fruits and vegetables and less of the traditional pizza or fried foods we've typically seen in weekly school lunches. While some school districts are opting out of it because they don't believe the money is worth it, other schools leaders see a benefit in regulating what kids eat.

"With the new regulations, it gives us the option to encourage and have a child take a fruit or vegetable and quite honestly, that's great because students should consume more fruits and vegetables," said Marla Caplon, a school nutritionist.

About 83 percent of school districts have reported increased food waste but others will continue the program not just for the money but to help in tackling obesity.

Vending machines and school bake sales are also regulated. A number of healthy options must be in those machines to receive the money.

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