Where is money for needy children in Washington?

Where is money for needy children in Washington?

WASHINGTON, GA (WFXG) - Money in Washington, Ga. that was earmarked to buy Christmas gifts for needy children is missing.

The city of Washington is putting the blame squarely on former police chief Theodosia Glenn, but she said she's not sure the money belongs to the city.

"Over a decade in Washington, Ga, local people have contributed money through the police department for a Toys for Tots program," said Barry Fleming, attorney for the city.

But, when the city council dissolved the police department over the summer, they said the sheriff's office agreed to take over the account. That's where the issues started.

"The previous chief refused to do that,"Fleming said. "Unfortunately, the city had to file a lawsuit, and go to court, and go before a judge."

Now the city said they'll need that judge's signature before they can even use the money to buy gifts for those children in need.

"The final action of this particular case is to put the money in the hands of the sheriff, so he could continue the Toys for Tots program," said Fleming. "That's the only goal of the litigation the city has filed and what they've wanted all along."

We reached out to Glenn's attorney for comment. They faxed us multiple court documents that show Glenn does not believe the money belongs to the city, and that none of the funds currently in the account were donations made to the Gifts for Children program.

A court hearing is scheduled for Thursday afternoon in Wilkes County to discuss the case.

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