Truck crashes into gas station on Washington Road

Truck crashes into gas station on Washington Road

MARTINEZ, GA (WFXG) - A truck crashed into a gas station on Washington Road Wednesday morning.

It happened just before 10 a.m. at the Circle K at Washington Road and Columbia Road. Deputies said 26-year-old Matthew Redfern had a medical issue and crashed into an ice machine right in front of the building. His truck pushed the ice machine down the side of the building, breaking the glass on the door. 

Two other men at the gas station saw the whole thing happen and went to help Redfern. 

"I opened the door and he was having a seizure," Billy Adams said. "I held him on his side, pumped his chest and made sure he had a heartbeat. He wanted to kick out of the truck. He kicked himself out the truck, and that's how we got right here."

Redfern was taken to University Hospital but was not injured in the crash, deputies said. No one else was injured in the crash either.

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