District Attorney responds to criticism about Smith allegations

District Attorney responds to criticism about Smith allegations

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Both the NAACP - and alleged victims of sexual misconduct by Dr. Charles Smith - are still looking for answers as to why the DA's office didn't press charges years ago.

"They felt like we were not credible," said Ebony Harvey. "What we said was probably not true."

The NAACP, in a statement, even referred to the prosecution as being "mishandled."

But today - we're getting answers.

"I don't know what it refers to when it mentions mishandling of prosecution," said Ashley Wright. "What I have seen, from the reports I have reviewed, is that two law enforcement agencies had the opportunity to seek warrants and they chose not to do so."

District Attorney Wright - who was an ADA under former DA turned judge Danny Craig when the allegations were brought in 2001 - said the most egregious accusations she recalls actually happened in the 1980s.

"The statute of limitations would have precluded us from being able to charge anyone based on the allegations that occurred that she had reported happened in the 1980s," said Wright.

Judge Craig has also since issued a statement - via a letter to NAACP state president Francys Johnson - saying he didn't have a role in the intake of accusations like these ones - but that he trusted the investigative staff at the time - and still does.

Both Craig and Wright re-iterated - no law enforcement agency sought warrants for any of the alleged crimes.

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