Deputies warn people keep an eye on mailboxes

Deputies warn people take steps against mailbox fraud

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Richmond County Sheriff's Office said mailbox fraud is more common than most people think.

"We have handled cases where a box of checkbooks have been stolen from a mailbox," Sgt. Michael McDaniel said. "Your personal identification is going into that mailbox."

Sgt. McDaniel said credit card application, checks from friends and family and even cash get sent in the mail often. He recommends knowing what time of the day the mail comes and retrieving it right away.

"You never know if someone is going to be walking in a neighborhood fishing for your name," he said.

Sgt. McDaniel recommends everyone keep an eye on the mailbox and credit card statements.

He recommends neighbors keep their eyes peeled—outside and on their credit card statements.

"If you see anything suspicious, such as an activated account, notify them and then notify law enforcement immediately."

Sgt. McDaniel said law enforcement, though, is not informed enough. For more information, head to .

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