NAACP, victim: Why didn't district attorney prosecute?

NAACP, victim: Why didn't district attorney prosecute?


The alleged victim of sexual misconduct by now-former NAACP local chapter president Dr. Charles Smith, and statewide NAACP officials, are questioning why no prosecution was taken of the embattled former leader when allegations arose more than a decade ago.

"I believed they felt like we were not credible," said Ebony Harvey. "[They thought] what we said was probably not true. That's how I felt."

In a prepared statement, the NAACP said they were "deeply concerned" about the "mishandling of prosecution" by authorities in Augusta.

When the allegations arose, the District Attorney's Office was led by now-judge Daniel Craig.

The District Attorney's Office, currently led by Ashley Wright, and Judge Craig's chambers were closed when we reached out to them for comment.

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