Animal ordinance changes one step closer to being passed

Animal ordinance changes one step closer to being passed

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It could soon be easier to adopt pets in Augusta, and pet owners may have to abide by some new rules. It's all part of a proposed ordinance change commissioners talked about Monday in Richmond County.

Commissioners voted unanimously to move forward with the process to institute new changes to ordinances proposed by the Augusta Animal Shelter. Priscilla Crisler with the Augusta Animal Shelter said this is something she hopes will make a big difference in the community.

"Well it's exciting that we will be moving forward and hopefully able to make some changes and hopefully see a real difference in eventually the number of stray animals and litters that come into the shelter," she said.

After lengthy discussion Monday afternoon, the commission voted to move forward with the Augusta Animal Services' request to bring changes to the ordinances.

But after Animal Services removed the position of an adoption coordinator from the changes, some commissioners have their doubts as the process moves forward.

"I just think we need somebody with some innovative ideas out there because what's been going on in this county, city and county, is up in arms about what's going on," aid District 10 Commissioner Grady Smith. "And I'm embarrassed that it's been going on this long. I've been listening to all kinds of excuses and these game plans we come up with. We come up with a game plan and then all of the sudden at the last minute it gets changed up at the podium."

Changes include spay and neutering fees, decreasing adoption fees, and making it illegal to tether your animal outside when you aren't around. And if these proposed changes are approved, there are already plans in place to help make the public aware of the rules.

"PSAs, we'll promote things on websites, Facebook, and Twitter. We'll get out into the schools and community which we already do. And then we'll also plan to hold town meetings where people if they have questions they can come and have those questions answered," Crisler said.

Commissioners have asked Augusta Animal Services to clarify some things in the ordinances in regards to fees before they take this to vote next Tuesday.

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