Augusta Animal Services Adoption Fest hopes to help overcrowding issue

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Augusta Animal Shelter gave people the chance to adopt a new furry friend at a discounted price Saturday to help get rid of some of the over-crowding at the shelter.

Priscilla Crisler, the Kennel Operations Manager with the shelter, said 43 animals, including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and gerbils were all adopted at the Family Fun Day event.

For shelter coordinators and for new pet parents, this event a great success, and is a great way to bring the need for adoption to the public.

"The shelter pets are in such dire need of homes. They have previously been let down by an owner and they need some place to go," said Crisler.

For some animals, like seven-week-old puppy Sophia, today was their lucky day.

"The environment with an animal around, it makes everything just, I don't know, just happier," said Sophia's new owner Chandra Stanley.

But the shelter is still crowded with animals, and some changes could be coming thanks to ordinances proposed to the commission.

"Decreasing the adoption fees. There's things in there about not tethering your animal, spaying and neutering, licensing, not riding your dog around in the back of a pick up truck loose, that sort of thing. So there are lots of changes in the ordinances that we hope come to fruition as soon as they get a chance to look over them," said Crisler.

Until these ordinances go into effect, Crisler and Stanley both agree adoption is a great way to help eliminate the overcrowding issue.

"It makes room for other dogs that come in the shelter that actually need to be in the shelter. There are so many stray animals on the streets and we don't have room for them," said Stanley.

"If you adopt a dog from the shelter you just don't save one life, you actually save two. Because you not only save the life of the one that you take home, you make room for somebody else to become available," said Crisler.

If you couldn't make it out to the adoption fest today don't worry, there are still plenty of animals available at the shelter for adoption. For shelter information, head to the Augusta Animal Shelter website. For pictures of animals that are able to be adopted, head to the Animal Shelter's Facebook page.

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