CSRA Makers help Plantation Blood go to next level

CSRA Makers help Plantation Blood go to next level

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Welcome to one of the most technologically advanced haunted attractions in our area - and it's all thanks to one local group called the CSRA Makers.

"A lot of the pre-existing stuff is really expensive," said Charles Gantt. "So we wanted to do it as cheap as possible so they would have us back to do more."

More, like this swinging door, and having this old mirror turn into a tv screen - so guests can be read the rules - those are just a couple of the projects Gantt and the CSRA Makers worked on.

"With our new system we automated, the rules are always stated, nothing is ever missed, so everyone always knows what's up," said Gantt.

This year is a special trick or treat: for the first time, attendees will be on candid camera.

"My company Txtcam has set up a booth this year, and we're calling it Scare Cam," said Chris Williamson. "So as people are going through the haunted house, we're actually taking multiple shots of them in different scary poses I guess you can call it."

And they're also helping out local kids interested who want to know more about creating this Augusta Horror Story!

"We invite all the kids in the area out," said Williamson. "We try to invite as many kids as possible. We teach them electronics and they actually helped us with the automation of this room here."

Plantation Blood will be open all month long for those thrills and scares.

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