Political parties make a last push for votes

Political parties make a last push for votes

With just a few weeks left before hitting voting booths, both Democratic and Republican parties in Augusta are putting forward that last push to earn your vote. Republican spokesman, Ryan Mahoney said, “it's kind of a non-stop, exciting mayhem of sorts. Organized chaos as I like to call it. To get these guys across the finish line.”

The fact that we're not picking a new president this year may keep people away from the voting booths.

Democratic party 1st Vice Chairman, L C Myles said, “this is not presidential elections year. Normally, people don't have a lot of reasons they don't have that ump to come to the polls.”

But this election is different and holds a lot of importance.

“Everybody have a reason to come to the polls. And the biggest reason is they have governor raise,” said Myles.

Political parties have been campaigning for months and with only a few weeks left, they are still pushing.

“The focus right now is to take those that we know that are going to vote for our candidates and give them a phone call or go to their door and make sure they vote early, absentee or vote on elections day,” said Mahoney.

Democratic party chairman, Dr. Lowell Greenbaum said, “we have phone banking here two three times a week. And we're not stopping. We know it's the final leg and we're going to win as usual here in Richmond County.”

This Saturday, October 11, the republican party will host a Fall Festival at Evans Town and Center where folks can have a chance to meet the candidates. As for the democratic party, they will be having a barbeque on Thursday, October 23 at the Brigham Center

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