High 5 4 Kids: Melinda Elser

High 54 Kids: Melinda Elser

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Taking those turns in an expert fashion, Melinda Elser is one of dozens of kids who spend their nights on the BMX track in Augusta.

"It's just really awesome, and really fun," Melinda said. "And enjoyable. It's something I'm really glad I do."

But she's one of only a couple girls out on the track - something she hopes will change soon.

"Just because there's not many girls who do it doesn't mean you can be really awesome, maybe sometimes even better than most of the guys," Melinda said.

But how does she balance BMX with her straight-A average in school?

"I would say I do pretty good in school for someone who has a lot going on after school," she said. "So I just try my best to balance it out. It doesn't always work. Sometimes, I have to give up a day of practice so I can catch up on homework and studying."

And check out what some of the kids out here do.

"A lot of people out here are doing those cool jumps and stuff," said Melinda. "I've gotten off the ground a little bit, but not as much as you see on TV though."

Melinda hopes her passion for the track will never die.

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