19 displaced in Bamberg fire

19 displaced in Bamberg fire

Nearly 20 people in Bamberg are without a home after a fire damaged their apartment Tuesday evening.

"It was kind of unbelievable because you'll never expect it," a resident, who didn't be identified said. She is relieved she has renters insurance. "I didn't expect a fire but I got it."

She was not home Tuesday when the fire started at the Bamberg East Apartments but after she received a phone call, she rushed home to see firefighters hard at work.

"It was a whole bunch of fire trucks out there waiting to clear the area," she said.

The apartment right above hers is where the fire originated. As a result, most of her possessions are damaged.

"All of it is wet. Everything is wet and my ceiling is caved in," she explained.

She was one of 19 people put up in a hotel by the American Red Cross in Aiken.

"We did have 8 families involved. 8 adults and 11 children," said Joey Hutto, the Disaster Services Manager at the Aiken Chapter of the American Red Cross. "We assisted them with lodging, food, clothing and infant supplies because there were some infants were affected as well."

The resident says the apartment complex told her a new apartment will be ready in 4 to 5 months.

"I'll probably have to stay with one of my sisters until then," the resident said.

As for now, she is just hoping all of her things will be replaced.

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