Excise tax voted down by commissioners

Excise tax voted down by commissioners

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The proposed excise tax on energy used by local manufacturers has been voted down.

"We ask at this point, can we really afford to implement another new tax on our manufacturers, in the form of an excise tax?" said Sue Parr, head of the Chamber of Commerce. "So we ask for your support today to oppose the motion on the agenda."

And that's what commissioners did, unanimously voting down the proposal, which could have generated millions by taxing the energy local manufacturers use.

A statewide tax was previously repealed by the Georgia legislature and put in the hands of local leaders.

"We're not anti-business, that's the first thing I need you guys to understand," said Commissioner Alvin Mason. "At the same time, we have to look at our budget to see what's best for our citizens and business partners at the same time."

Mason pushed for another way to get money to fund the $1,200,000 in salary adjustments requested by the Sheriff's Office, tasking the city administrator's office with finding the solution.

"They can never be compensated for the job they do, and be appreciated, now I can be competitive with local agencies, and more people want to work here," said Sheriff Richard Roundtree. "Like I said, we're the largest full service sheriff's office in the state."

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