Augusta firefighters receive Ebola training

Augusta firefighters receive Ebola training

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - In the unlikely event that it happens, the Augusta Fire Department is gearing up to deal with Ebola patients.

"Much like we do fire prevention before the fire, this is infection prevention before we actually have a case," said Dr. Phillip Coule, who is the medical director of the Augusta Fire Department. "That basically is the premise for constructing a lecture video for the EMS providers to help them understand those recommendations and also translate those into practical use."

The online video recommends the use of personal protective equipment for EMTs and details what they should do if they come in contact with someone who experiences Ebola-like symptoms like fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

"Ebola is serious," Colue said. "We don't have any cases here locally, but of course that makes it the perfect time to train in the event in case something does happen."

But it's not just the firefighters that have been interested in the training.

"We immediately received lots of requests from other area providers," said Coule. "Because this is an area, although the CDC has put up some guidance, it's not in a nice package or format to allow you to train the EMS providers."

The online video is made available for other EMTs in the area.

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