Neighbors annoyed by noise coming from nearby Starbucks plant

Neighbors annoyed by noise coming from nearby Starbucks plant


Starbucks said a muffler has been installed at their plant off Mike Padgett highway and noise coming from the the boilers has now been reduced.

Neighbors living nearby confirm the noise has been silenced.

Starbucks has also issued an apologized to the Augusta community about the noise.


Neighbors living off Mike Padgett Highway say it sounds like a jet is taking off in their backyards all day long.

"You can't go outside in the yard and do anything," Paul Farmer said. "You have to stay in the house."

The noise is coming from a new Starbucks Coffee plant just a mile away from Farmer's house. He said it started a week ago, and the noise starts in the morning and lasts until the evening.

"I filed a police report with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. I talked to [District 8] Commissioner Wayne Gulifoyle. I sent a letter off the ACLU," Farmer said.

Fox 54 got in touch with the Guilfoyle, who told us over the phone that it could be a few weeks.

“The plant is in the construction phase and with all the machines, they're doing test runs on equipment,” he said. “The loud noise is coming from the boiler.”

But he assured us he's working on the issue.

"What I'm waiting on is the representative to call me back from Starbucks to see if we can get a better hold on this and come to some kind of resolution," Guilfoyle said.

We reached out to Starbucks, but only got through to an automated message system.

Other neighbors in the area also told us the problem is a nuisance they hope will go away sooner rather later.

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