Augusta Regional Airport trains employees on Ebola safety measures

CDC speaking out about TSA and Ebola

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta Regional Airport personnel are taking precautions in the unlikely event an Ebola virus patient lands in this city.

"Our passengers are our number one priority, and just to give them piece of mind that we are here working on what we can do to help prevent this spread. We're actually working on a contingency plan right now."

Since the confirmation of the first Ebola diagnosis on U.S. soil, officials have stressed there are no known cases in the CSRA, but the airport says their institution can never be too safe.

"Our aircraft, our rescue and firefighting, they have actually been through the process of being trained by the CDC and they are now training the different tenants within the airport."

Part of that training is using this kit that comes with gloves and masks and also identifying Ebola-like symptoms like fever, vomiting and intense bleeding.

"The training is to help them identify patients as well as work with hospitals on how to protect everyone."

Officials say all employees will be trained in the coming weeks.

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