Aiken child goes missing for an hour at school

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Renae Duboise had the scare of her life earlier this school year when she couldn't find her6-year-old daughter after school.

"When they told me we don't know where your child is I immediately went to the worst assumption which is she's lost somewhere in Aiken, by herself. She's 6," Dubose said.

The Chukker Creek Elementary student didn't get off the bus, as she usually does, causing her mom to worry.

"The bus had arrived, came and went, and when I pulled up, I saw the bus going and when they told me she didn't get off the bus, I assumed she fell asleep on the bus," said Dubose.

Renae then chased the bus down to find her daughter wasn't aboard. She was said she continued to call the school, who could not locate her.

An hour later, the Aiken Department of Public Safety finally called. Her daughter Faith had been waiting at the school with the students who are picked up by their parents.

"The staff at the school was like 'ha ha ha' trying to laugh it off; 'she decided not to get on the bus today. She decided she was a car rider."

But Renae said there was nothing funny about the situation.

"A 6-year-old doesn't make decisions like that. It's not funny. She could have easily been kidnapped or misplaced. If she would have gotten off the bus somewhere else, there's no where to locate her. She doesn't have a phone. She doesn't have a pager."

And her message to parents everywhere is always make sure your child is familiar with their routine. That way if something is different, they will know to notify a person in charge.

We tried multiple times to reach out to the school board for comment but we haven't gotten a response. We will be staying on top of this story and bring you more answers from the school district when we can.

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