Augusta firefighters overpaid thousands

Augusta firefighters were paid too much

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Hundreds of Augusta firefighters were paid an extra $2500 to $2700 by accident.

Authorities say it was all a big clerical error.

"217 EMTs and paramedics were affected by this," said Dee Griffin with the Augusta Fire Department.

Those employees saw significantly more money on their paychecks, that were distributed earlier today.

"It turns out, it was an issue with over time, that firefighters were given," Griffin said.

The men and women are paid for over time, just not as much as it was commuted.

"This time they were paid a rate of 65 cents per hour," Griffin said.

But it wasn't a mistake on the fire department's part.

"It was a payroll mistake with the city of Augusta and the numbers were inputted incorrectly," said Griffin.

After being alerted, the fire department is working with the city's finance department to correct the error.

"Paychecks will be affected over increments, depending upon how much overage there is in this check."

Those with paychecks less than $1000, will see two deductions of equal pay on the next two checks,

For pay checks between $1001 and $3000, there will be four deductions.

Anyone receiving a net pay of more than $3000 will have to pay back the entire amount on October 6th by 5pm. Pay roll will then issue another pay check.

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