Fire prevention week

Fire prevention week

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Next week, October 5th through 11th is fire prevention week and local firefighters have a message for you.

The theme for the week is working smoke detectors save lives. In most cases folks have smoke detectors in their homes, but often they aren't used correctly or don't work properly .

Chief Jason Beard

Augusta Fire Department Chief Jason Beard said, "two thirds of the deaths in homes are in homes that either had no smoke detector or no working smoke detectors."

We see it all the time, house fires and other fire related situations.

"Our Augusta Red Cross chapter responded to 170 families last year that had fires in this area," said Augusta American Red Cross Executive Director, Jennifer Pennington.

You never know when, where, or what you will be doing when a fire occurs. And having that early detection matters.

"When you have a fire, smoke travels fast. So, if you can get early detection or warning then that gives you a better chance of getting out of the house safely," said Beard.

Fire agencies around the area teamed up with the Augusta American Red Cross, giving the community something very beneficial throughout the week.

"We're going to go out into the community and working to install smoke alarms. We're also going to go into the community to share information about what you can do with your family so you can be prepared," said Pennington.

That's right, fire agencies and the red cross will be providing, installing and checking those smoke detectors on Saturday, October 11th.

"The perfect way would be to interconnect the smoke alarms so when one go off they all go off," said Beard.

Smoke detector batteries need to be switched twice a year and replaced every 10 years.

Jennifer Pennington/Executive Director of American Red Cross Augusta

"You want to take this seriously, because you never know when a fire can occur."

If you need tips on how to install your smoke detector contact your local fire agency or visit.

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