High 5 4 Kids: Xavier Perez

High 5 4 Kids: Xavier Perez

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - At only 4 years old, Xavier Perez can swing a golf club better than most people, but it's even more impressive when you consider that doctors told his parents he would have trouble doing normal things because he was born premature.

"Papi taught me how to play golf," Xavier said. "Papi always put the club like this, and I want to put the club straight."

In fact, he has been playing golf since he was just 10 months old. An amazing accomplishment, after doctors told his parents he may not be able to normal things.

"We both started playing at the same time," said Miguel Perez, Xavier's dad. "He just got out the bouncer, took a club and started swinging as soon as he could walk."

Miguel said his wife was ill with cancer and he had to babysit. That's when he made a makeshift golf course in his garage so that he and Xavier could keep themselves entertained.

"It seems like that was the first thing he got interested in and hasn't stopped since," said Miguel Perez.

An interest that quickly turned into a hobby. A hobby that quickly turned into nonstop competition.

"We took him to get a little experience, but we didn't think he was going to win," Miguel Perez said.

But winning seems to come natural to Xavier.

"I got 8 medals from 7 tournaments, and I got big trophies," Xavier said.

However, this toddler does puts in a lot of practice.

"Xavier has his mom take him to the golf course every morning at about 7 or 8 o'clock, and when I get home from work, I take him again," Miguel said.

And all that putting and driving is for one overall goal.

"I want to compete at the Augusta Masters," Xavier said.

Xavier's next competition is this weekend.

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