Inmate re-entry program coming to Augusta

Inmate re-entry program coming to Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - You do the crime, you do the time. But what happens after time is served? A re-entry program for ex-inmates is coming to Augusta on Wednesday, October, 1.

We're human we make mistakes and in some cases you're granted a second chance, but what if you break the law are you still granted a second chance.

"I mean just because a person does something wrong in the past doesn't mean that they'll continue to do bad things in the future," said Kareem Durben.

Augusta is one of five trial sites, along with Macon, Atlanta, Savannah and Columbus for the inmate reentry program.

A program designed to help ex-inmates start over and get back on their feet, including an accountability plan that gives them safe affordable housing and employment.

"It would probably be a benefit to the people here in Augusta," said Durben.

Officials say that this program isn't a bad idea and if it help folks to better themselves, then they are all for it

Sergeant McDaniel with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office said, "if it's going to help someone get back in and establish themselves in society and become a responsible member in the community in Richmond County, then Richmond County are all for it."

And folks I talked with today say, they have no problem with the program.

"I think they'll have more to worry about if they don't get a job. I think they'll have more to worry about if they don't get training, if they don't get a chance to be productive," said Earnestine Hill.  "They'll have a lot more to worry about because people are going to get what they need and they're either going to get it honestly or dishonestly. So, I'd rather see them get a chance."

"If a person went to prison or jail for whatever the reason is and they redeemed worthy enough to get out on whatever the circumstances they were. Then we should be able to accept them for who they are," said Durben.

Officials say there may be some trial and error for Augusta, but after years of researching this program, it is proven that it will be a success.

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