Attempted child abduction in Jefferson County

Attempted child abduction in Jefferson County

JEFFERSON COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Deputies said three children in Jefferson County were almost abducted.

"It's kind of messed up because this is the first time I have heard about it in a long time being around this area," resident Austin Stewart said.

Three kids were almost abducted on their way home from Fred's store on Sept. 18 when a van sped around them and parked at an angle. The people inside got out started heading toward them.

Luckily, the kids knew what to do and took off running to safety.

Situations like this are rare for this rural area, but officials said this was a wake up call.

"We hear about it on television you know and in bigger cities, but it's something new," said Jefferson County Sheriff Gary Hutchins, "and I think it's got a lot of attention, to where we will have a protocol to work with and also for parents."

Parents in the community said preventing abductions starts at home with the parents.

"I think they should sit their children down and talk to them about the dangers and how it could happen to them at any moment," Stewart said.

The sheriff said parents should tell their children to report any suspicious activity.

"You know, always be visual about automobiles passing back and forth, and if you see something unusual, somebody loitering or standing around that they don't know, be sure to get to their parents and call 911 and we'll be glad to check them out," Hutchins said.

The children did the right thing in this case, Hutchins said, but had they not noticed what was happening, the situation could've had a bad ending.

As of now, the people responsible for this have not been caught.

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