Doctors hospital opening doors for National Rehab Week

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Doctors Hospital opened their doors Thursday to people like Emmanuel Martinez, whose life changed twelve years ago after an electrical accident at work.

"I lost my arm [and] I lost my legs, so to start everything over again; you never know what's going to happen."

Doctors said many people don't know rehabilitation services like the one he went through are available, so to National Rehab Week September 21-27, they welcomed in former patients and anyone who might have had questions.

"It may be someone who had a surgery that for some reason didn't snap back fast enough," Director of Inpatient Rehab Dean Beasley said, "it may be someone with a hip fracture, it could be someone who has been in a fire or had a stroke."

Martinez said he found a new love in painting after his rehab.

"One of the therapists showed me a book and this woman was painting with her mouth," Martinez said. "She was paralyzed and I saw her painting. I thought, why not me?"

Several businesses came out to spread the word. Doctors Hospital therapy staff also came out to demonstrate different techniques

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