Former VA Director Rebecca Wiley under investigation

Former VA Director, Rebecca Wiley is under investigation

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A former director of Charlie Norwood Veterans Affairs Medical Center is under investigation for improper care provided to veterans.

Rebecca Wiley and her administration are under investigation for their role in nine preventable deaths of patients in Augusta and Columbia.

The VA has been under fire lately for their treatment of veterans, including delayed care.

"Wiley was an expert of risk management and very well an expert at being able to give a neglectful level of care," said Tim Hollobaugh, a veterans advocate.

Hallobaugh said that the treatment received at the center is so poor, it's to the point that he'd rather find his own assistance.

"I have no faith in their facilities, I don't use their facilities," Hollobaugh said. "I'm eligible to use it, but I'll go without certain services before I even go down to use their facility. I stay registered and that's it."

Wiley has been back and forth to the VA hospitals in Augusta and Columbia.

"We need to restructure the way the country thinks about corporate crime because that's all that she is guilty of, corporate crimes that takes away lives and that's what she done," Hollobaugh said.

But there's another part to this that raises concern. A week before Congress' investigation launched, Wiley retired, receiving a $76,000 retirement pension. Many folks are not happy about that and they want answers.

"That tells the veterans that there is no accountability for the atrocities against veterans by people who are entrusted with their safety," Hollobaugh said.

This investigation may sound like a relief for veterans to finally bring awareness of the mistreatment of veterans.

But veterans say they have seen situations like this for far too long.

We reached out to Peter Scovill, spokesman for the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center for a statement. However, due to the investigation being conducted by Congress, no one is able to give a statement at this time.

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