The Westobou Festival kicks off next week

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The annual Westobou Festival will kick off next week and this year it will be even bigger than years before.

The event will feature music, dance and film as part of a cultural revitalization of the downtown Augusta area.

Crews are busily setting up for the event - an event that city officials think is vital to Augusta.

"Our mission is to build community through these events," said Kristi Jilson, director of the Westobou Festival. "What we're doing is offering the community something that is engaging and thought-provoking and that's going to bring them all together."

"We're trying to diversify our programming to make sure we're even more inclusive than we've ever been, so that we make sure we touch on every thing that the community member in Augusta would be interested in seeing."

For more information on the Westobou Festival and how to get tickets to events, be sure to head to their website:

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