Warrenton officials hold town hall meeting

Warrenton officials hold town hall meeting

WARRENTON, GA (WFXG) - People sounded off in Warrenton Tuesday about the controversial Facebook posts that lead to one officer resigning and another on probation.

There were some heated conversations as some people called for an evaluation of the entire police department, while others stepped up to defend Adam Harper, the Warrenton police officer who recently resigned. But many just wanted their questions about police protocol to be answered.

Harper was placed on administrative leave after voicing his opinion on Facebook about the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. He resigned from his position shortly after.

Officer Michael Greeson also took to Facebook to share his opinions on the same issue, and was placed on a three-month probation after investigation.

Town officials gave the public a chance to speak about the issue and voice their concerns about the police department. This is all part of Mayor George Ivey's plan to bring people back together.

"We're trying to bring the people back into unity. That's what Warrenton is all about. It's about unity," Ivey said. "My whole statement when I ran to be mayor is 'People over Politics' and we want to do what the people want, and we want to protect the people of the city."

After the three-month period is over, Greeson's performance will be evaluated to decide if a further course of action is needed.

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