Students reported seeing 2 guns in Richmond County Schools

Students reported seeing 2 guns in Richmond County Schools

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Richmond County School System said a Butler High School Student and a Morgan Road Middle School student each brought a gun to school just days apart from each other - one on Sept. 15 and the other on Sept. 18.

No one was hurt and both the students have been punished, said Chief Alfonso Williams, director of school safety for the Richmond County School System.

"From a school administrative standpoint, they've been dealt with," Williams said. "They've also been dealt with criminally."

Ted Karoglou's wife is a substitute teacher for Richmond County schools.

"I think they need to implement the use of metal detectors," Karoglou said. "I also think there needs to be random searches of backpacks and lockers."

Williams said one student wanted to sell weapons and the other just wanted to show off. He said the incidents aren't common at Richmond County schools.

"We believe these incidents are quite remarkable for our agency," Chief Williams said. "We don't usually experience these types of violations. We reviewed our safety policies at both schools and we are in compliance."

Williams said students were the ones who reported the guns to authorities, and he encourages parents at home to keep preaching vigilance.

"We want our parents to know their children," Williams said. "Talk to their friends, search their bedrooms and search their backpacks."

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