Senator Jason Carter visits Augusta on campaign trail

Senator Jason Carter visits Augusta on campaign trail

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Senator Jason Carter came through Augusta Sunday as part of his campaign to be the next governor of Georgia.

Carter stopped at three different church services around Augusta to meet with voters. He said it's important to stop in the CSRA as much as he can while campaigning.

"It's important for me and for people to know that I don't intend to be the governor of Atlanta," Carter said. "I'm running for the governor of the entire state of Georgia, and Augusta is an incredibly important place to me."

When talking with voters, Carter said the main thing he wants to focus on is reforming the education system in Georgia.

"We have 9,000 fewer teachers, 45,000 fewer technical college students. We're moving in the wrong direction," he said. "And if we're going to take advantage of things like Fort Gordon, the types of innovative jobs of the future, we have to invest in our people again."

Jobs are another major aspect the senator wants to focus on.

"We have the highest unemployment rate in the country now," he said. "And Georgia has no business at the bottom."

Carter is hoping with the addition of Cyber Command at Fort Gordon, this will help bring some economic success back to the area.

"The frontier that we are going to confront both from a national security standpoint and from an economic standpoint is cyber security," Carter said. "And that type of innovation and that type of forward-looking activity at Fort Gordon is going to be incredibly helpful from an innovation standpoint both in Augusta and in the rest of our state."

Carter said he will continue to make visits to the CSRA as he gets ready to run against Governor Nathan Deal in the November elections.

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