Governor Deal makes his way to the CSRA

Governor Deal makes his way to the CSRA

APPLING, GA (WFXG) - Governor Nathan Deal made a visit to the CSRA Saturday.

"Well, it's certainly very exciting and this is a huge crowd," Deal said.

More than 300 people headed out to the Wyldmont Farm to honor Governor Deal for his past service and for his continuing service in the CSRA.

"It gives me great confidence that we have a lot of support in that area," Deal said.

An afternoon filled with great music, amazing people and some good southern barbecue.

Deal had a chance to speak on some pressing issues faced in the state of Georgia, but there's one in particular that raises great concerns: unemployment

"We had the second best August in terms of job creation that we've had since 2005," Deal said. "Almost 25,000 new jobs in that month alone. We had the unemployment applications drop by almost 27 percent."

And that is definitely a good thing for Georgia, but there is more about the Augusta area that sparks Deal.

"This is a bright spot of our state," Deal said. "We have been very excited about GRU Augusta being one of the top 50 medical schools in the country, and we put a lot of money into the area in order to try and make that come true."

And there's more.

"I had a meeting last week with the commander of the signal school at Fort Gordon and we were talking about the new Cyber Command that the Army is sending here to Fort Gordon. That's a great opportunity," Deal said. "Almost 4,000 people are going to come and associate with that. I think the Augusta area is going to see some real growth as a result of the Cyber Command coming to Fort Gordon." 

Deal continues to make his rounds from city to city, but one thing you can't deny is his appreciation for the CSRA.

"I appreciate it. We only have a few more weeks until Nov. 4, so we're working extremely hard, and it's nice to have friends to come out and support us," Deal said.

Be sure to register to vote for the upcoming November elections.

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