Paine College reacts to president resigning

Paine College reacts to president's resignation

"It's a big family and we all helped each other and looked out for each other."

Mary Callaham attended Paine College in the late 70's. She said she can't imagine why the school is struggling to keep its accreditation.

"I was very hurt to know that Paine College has gotten to that stage," Callaham said. "It really hurt me to my heart."

In June, the college was placed on probation by its accrediting body, which raised concerns of how the institution was handling money.

Tuesday the school's President George Bradley resigned.

"I'm sure he did the best he could do with his ability," Callaham said.

Paine College leaders and advisors recently met to discuss getting the school back on track. Dr. Bradley was part of that meeting. His resignation comes suddenly but school leaders say he wasn't forced out and this was a decision on his own.

"Dr. Bradley saw this as an opportunity as a good time to transition so he could spend some time with his family," said Brandon Brown, one of the school's vice presidents.

Mary Callaham said she feels for Bradley but she hopes he is replaced by someone who will turn the school around.

"It's sad but I think we need someone who will continue the legacy of Paine College being a very, very vital school in the area," Callaham said.

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