High 5 4 Kids: Elliot Huffman

High 54 Kids: Elliot Huffman

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Elliot Huffman has been doing it for so long, he can't even remember how old he was when his passion for computers started.

"I just wanted to play a multi-player game with my brothers, no idea how to, so I just stuck the cable in and connected the two together," Elliot said.

Now, many years later, that passion is a bit more sophisticated - helping locals with their computer problems.

"Virus removals, optimizations," Elliot said. "I get mostly that kind of stuff. Computer comes in, it's got ads all over it. Your system doesn't turn on. I get a bunch of that stuff."

When asked what he considers himself, Elliot's not sure 'nerd' is the right word.

"Nerd doesn't seem right. Maybe geek. I think nerd is more into the popular culture."

He said he sees so many people having computer problems, and he just wants to help.

"I see people get rid of computers just because it's blue screens," Elliot said. "That does not mean it's a garbage piece of equipment. That usually means there's a software problem, or it's overheating."

He even has his own website, elliot-labs.com, where he's waiting as a helping hand for any computer problems you may have.

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