Aiken repair shop offers deal for educators

Aiken repair shop offers deal for educators

It's no surprise teachers have busy lives. Between work and family life they're stretched pretty thin, but one car shop in Aiken is looking to help them out with auto repairs.

"They're the educators of the next generation. We felt we needed to reach out and try to help any way we could," said Jeff Corbett, co-owner of Wayne's Automotive & Towing Center.

Jeff and his wife Sherry started the "Shuttle Your Wheels with Wayne's" program.

"It depends on what their needs and issues are," Corbett said. "They can call us and we can set up a schedule and they can tell us what they're needing."

The company will provide an oil change, tire rotation or other vehicle maintenance while teachers continue to work. They actually pick up the vehicle from the workplace and deliver it back to the customer before the day is over.

"Sometimes as a teacher, they get busy and have hectic schedules with family. So we wanted to offer the ability to come out and pick up their vehicles and bring it back to them while they're still educating our children," Sherry said.

The shuttle service isn't new to Wayne's but they are focusing to meet the needs of educators and the teachers will get a little surprise when the car is returned - a gift bag of teacher supplies.

"Everyone does fundraisers for children and drives for children, but the teachers kind of get overlooked and they have supplies they don't get an opportunity to have funds to purchase," Sherry said. "So it's just a little gift bag just to say thank you."

For more information on the program head to Wayne's website.

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