Smith under investigation by second agency

Smith under investigation by second agency

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Reaction has been swift and fierce.

"It's just been an unfortunate situation," said Mayor Deke Copenhaver.

Now, former commissioner Donnie Smith is in hot water with another agency for allegedly falsifying a time sheet during Masters Week in April during his work with the Georgia State Patrol.

Officials from the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council said Smith is now the target of their own investigation, the outcome of which could potentially strip Smith of his certification to work for a Georgia law enforcement agency.

Smith stepped down from the commission after an initial investigation was launched by State Patrol itself.

"I thought that this would be the way that it would play out and I support his move," said the mayor. "I think he's doing the right thing."

But despite resigning from commission, and retiring from GSP, the investigations are expected to continue.

Officials said Smith could hand over his certification voluntarily to avoid a review, but as of right now, that hasn't happened.

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