Weed killer caused chemical odor in Wrens

WRENS, GA (WFXG) - The people who were sent to the hospital Monday night after a strong chemical odor was reported in Wrens were released early Tuesday, according to Jefferson County Emergency Services.

A woman who lives at 1380 Airport Road called 911 after she noticed that the odor from a chemical she had used as an insecticide earlier in the day was getting stronger.

The Wrens Fire Department and Wrens Police Department responded and noticed a burning sensation to the throat and light dizziness. They called Jefferson County 911 around 8:25 p.m. for assistance.

Hazmat protocols were initiated, and initial responders and residents of Airport Road were decontaminated using large amounts of water. Their clothing was removed, and they were transported to Jefferson County Hospital.

The Louisville Fire Department conducted a second decontamination of the patients before they entered the hospital.

The Augusta Fire Department's Hazmat team was called to the scene to help identify the chemical.

Investigation revealed that the chemical used was concentrated Roundup - a weed killer - that was stored in an unmarked container and was not mixed properly before it was used.

The incident was isolated to the residence where the weed killer was used, said Jim Anderson, Jefferson County EMA Director. There was no danger to the general public.

The Wrens Fire Department initiated Hazmat protocols as a precautionary measure.

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