Cut-A-Thon held for Payton Wiggins

Cut-A-Thon held for Payton Wiggins

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Payton Wiggins is a 3-year-old who loves to fist bump. But she's had more bumps than most 3-year-olds have.

"When she was 2 months, she went into congestive heart failure and then when she was 8 months we found out she had Hurlers," her dad, Taylor Wiggins, said.

Hurlers, or MPS Hurlers Syndrome, means Payton is missing an enzyme in the body that helps break down long chains of sugar molecules. Without the enzyme, sugar builds up in the body and damages organs.

Trendz Salon on Old Petersburg Road in Augusta wanted to help Payton and her family, so they organized a Cut-A-Thon.

"We're going to do free haircuts, free face painting, free nail polish changes," Owner Robyn Kelley said. "Basically, it's donations only and all the money raised goes towards Payton's family."

But Kelley said they didn't know Payton until recently. Each year, they have a Cut-A-Thon for a special kid, and this year, they knew they wanted to help her out.

"I really believe that's the reason I opened the salon," Kelley said. "I really believe you're supposed to use the gifts God gave you to help someone else."

Payton's parents said they're overwhelmed at all the support.

"Not really sure about a lot of things," Taylor said, "but I didn't really expect anything like this to happen."

Kelley said the family can take the money raised and use it for whatever they need, even if it's making happy memories with Payton at Disney World.

Trendz also sold shirts, bracelets and held a raffle to raise money for Payton and her family. For more information on how you can help, head to Prayers for Payton on Facebook.

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