First half marathon in Columbia County almost didn't happen

First half marathon kicks off in Columbia County, but almost didn't happen

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Traci smith nearly missed running in the Half Crazy Race Saturday and she organized it.

"The county was very slow in getting us approval for anything, "Smith said. "In the end, they did come through, but it was a battle."

But Smith said she knows all about battles and wasn't going to give up easily.

"My mom passed away when she was 53."

Smith said it was ovarian cancer that took her life, so she wanted to lace up her shoes and do something about it.

"If one woman gets the test to detect ovarian cancer early, we've made a difference," Smith said.

She and 230 other runners hit the pavement at Evans Fitness Center at 7:30A.M.

"We felt like it was time we did something to support the cause," Smith said.

But smith said she isn't done. She wants to run a half marathon each month to raise money and awareness for the often silent killer.

"Next month is Mackinac Island in Michigan, the month after that is California and I haven't booked December yet," Smith said. "I turned 50 this year so I just felt like I need to do something big to prove that I'm healthy and I can do this."

For more information on how to screen for ovarian cancer, head to

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