Four trained dogs on urgent list at Aiken County Animal Shelter

Time running out for four dogs at Aiken County Animal Shelter

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - 30 days is almost up for four trained bulldog/pit-bull mixes at the Aiken County Animal Shelter.  But these are not your run-of-the-mill dogs.

Skittles, Heidi, Bluebell and Andrew are looking for a home and training to help veterans.

"We call these dogs 'bully' dogs, which they're not," FOTAS Board of Directors member Caroline Simonson said.

The name 'Bully' comes from two mixed breeds, pit bull and bulldog. The four are working with a group called K9 Solutions to find happy homes and help veterans.

They're taught commands, like sit, stay and even how to walk on a leash.

"When the new dog comes over to the adoption side, I'll go get the dog," Jay Lyda, Co-owner of K9 Solutions and Veterans K9 Solutions said. "He can meet me, we can just go for a walk and start the basic training."

But trained or not, they're still shelter dogs and their 30 day stay in the kill shelter is almost up.

"They can't keep them any longer here because we have so many dogs waiting on the other side, on the adoption side," Simonson said.

But Lyda said he's still hopeful. Three service dogs from the Aiken County Animal Shelter he trained before these found homes.

"It saves the veterans life," Lyda said. "It gives them a partner and a service dog. They love each other and they go everywhere together. All of these dogs are extremely humble, nice and safe to go to good homes."

If you are interested in adopting, head to

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