Columbia County man says drain system is eroding his backyard

Columbia County man says drain system is eroding his backyard

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Rick Davis said he's simply looking for answers and he will do what it takes to fix this problem.

"If it's our responsibility, we'll take care of it and fix it, but don't stand in our way from letting our backyard," Davis said.

He is also fed up with Columbia County.

"The problem in my parents' backyard is an erosion problem," Davis continued. "It's coming off of the street, storm drain, draining neighbor's property line and dumping out in our backyard."

Causing their driveway to cave in.

"We can't use it. We can't have kids out here. We can't even park a car on the driveway because of the erosion," Davis said.

When he's tried to contact anyone in Columbia County, he says he's been pretty unsuccessful.

"When I talked to the sewer guy this morning, who was out, he's telling us that it's above his pay grade," Davis expressed his frustration. "So I've called his boss and they're supposed to be coming out but I haven't heard from them yet."

Davis said the neighborhood's home owner association also offered no help.

"They tell us that it was this way when they bought it," Davis said.

He also said the storm water management department told him he wouldn't be able to close the pipe.

"They are telling us that they're small fish in here and they're telling us that the direction of the flow of the creek is causing us not to be able to do anything because it's state water," Davis explained.

"They can look after the tadpoles that are in but they can't look after my dad's property."

We've tried to reach out to each of these agencies multiple times over the past 2 days but haven't gotten a call back.

Evans said his family is just trying to solve this problem before they lose anymore of their backyard.

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