Frantom pushing for commission appointment

Frantom pushing for commission appointment

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - You've seen him at the wheel at the Ronald McDonald House and on the red carpet helping bring the 'Get On Up' premiere to Augusta.

But now Sean Frantom wants to be behind the commission desk.

"This is an opportunity to become the future of Augusta," Frantom said. "And to have a positive outlook on Augusta."

Frantom said he wants to change the way people see the commission after the controversy surrounding District 7's latest representative.

"Obviously, it's an unfortunate situation that happened with Donnie," Frantom said.

Commissioner Donnie Smith resigned from the seat Monday amidst an investigation into his job with Georgia State Patrol.

Frantom, who holds positions at the Ronald McDonald House and Young Professionals of Augusta, is looking for a new direction.

"We gotta move forward, we can't look back," Frantom said. "And I want to be part of the commission that is looking forward and uniting this community as one."

He's hoping after the successful Augusta premiere of the James Brown biopic, the city could lure other special events.

"There's actually a premiere that could be happening in March here," Frantom said. "It's just that positive outlook on Augusta."

He mentions that positive outlook a lot, saying it's the key to a better Augusta.

"I've got some ideas, once appointed - to basically have breakfasts once a month in District 7, so people really know me and engage them as well on their thoughts in District 7," Frantom said.

Now it's up to commissioners to decide if Frantom is the man for the job.

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