Goodwill's venues to re-open Thursday after bat removal

Goodwill's venues to re-open Thursday after bat removal

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Several businesses in the Goodwill complex on Washington Road will re-open Thursday after bats were removed from a storage area behind the building.

The Snelling Center, Edgar's Grille and Helms College were temporarily closed on Monday so that a wildlife contractor could humanely remove the bats from the storage area behind the building located at 3165 Washington Road. 

The bats were detected recently between exterior walls adjoining two phases of previous construction of the campus, Goodwill officials said in a news release. Most of the bats were removed, and access to the area was sealed.

During this process, a small number of bats were able to enter the storage area at the rear of the building and reached a Snelling Center conference room before they were captured.

The three businesses were closed while the contractor removed the bats and sanitized the areas. After Helms College - a culinary campus - was cleared by the contractor, hospitality staff conducted a detailed inspection of all facilities.

Helms College classes will resume Thursday morning, while Edgar's Grille will return to its normal schedule starting with lunch Thursday, including drink specials designed to celebrate the bat eviction. Events booked at the Snelling Center will resume as scheduled.