School finds educational value in using iPads

School finds educational value in using iPads

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Here's something you don't think about every day. Using your ipad for homework. Well one school in the area is doing just that.

"To look at the difference in just a few months has been amazing," said Laura Webster, assistant principal and an 8th grade teach at St. Mary Help of Christians School. She said the school is changing things up a bit and becoming more technologically savvy.

'We are in the very beginning, just the first couple of weeks but already we've discovered apps in which they can take notes," Webster said.

As well as do homework, read textbooks and submit papers and assignments all on ipad minis.

"What we're trying to do is take what's working, from the past; the education from forever; and mix that with everything that's new out there and all of us have to get used to," said Webster.

But the students seems to have a leg up on the teachers.

"It's different and it definitely lessens the load in our homework and stuff," said Ciera Carter, one of Webster's 8th grade students. "We don't have heavy book bags and stuff anymore. So that's good."

"Usually I use it to take notes in class and we have a text book app which also has a note section, in which you can take notes," said Collins Bradford, another 8th grader.

Teachers and students admit there are some technical glitches but for the most part, they are enjoying their experience.

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