Respiratory virus makes its way to Augusta

Respiratory virus makes its way to Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Donning a surgical mask and hospital gown, Elizabeth Holmes visits with her sick daughter, Emerson.

"On Sunday she started wheezing, and when we went to put her to bed, it was actually much worse," said Holmes.

The respiratory distress got so bad, Holmes had to take her daughter here to the Children's Hospital of Georgia. Fortunately, after a battery of meds she's on the up and up.

"She looks like a completely different child in there," said Holmes. "She's happy, they're letting her eat."

Doctors at the hospital diagnosed her with an enterovirus - though they're not sure which particular strain it is.

It's the same sort of virus that's been sweeping the country, sending many other children running to the ER.

"This particular strain is very rare, that we're seeing right now," said Dr. Chitra Mani.

Dr. Mani has seen more kids than just little Emerson come through the doors, signaling the virus' possible arrival here in the CSRA, with sickening consequences.

"In some children, even if they've not had asthma before, they're presenting with asthma like symptoms," said Dr. Mani.

So while they can't pinpoint a specific source of the ailment - there is one critical factor.

"Hygiene is so important, and it's most difficult to teach children hygiene," said Dr. Mani.

So while Emerson gets to go home - she's not expected to be the last kid through the hospital doors - and doctors said they'll be ready.

For more information about the enterovirus, check out the CDC website.

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