South Carolina ranked second, most dangerous state for women

National Domestic Awareness Month will kick off in October, right on the heels of a new rating for South Carolina.

TIME declared the state the second most dangerous place for violence against women in the United States.

Aikenite Deidre Tice said she's shocked, but has had to help friends in bad situations before.

"I had to take a friend of mine to the hospital," Tice said. "She was kicking, screaming and saying don't take me, but I could tell she was just beaten up."

The Cumbee Center to Assist Abused Persons, Inc. in Aiken said there are ways to curb violence before and after it starts.

"Don't stand there and be a punching bag or be the puncher," Executive Director Kay Mixon said. "Walk away."

But Mixon said it's much more complicated than that.

"It's a vicious cycle and it takes a lot to break that cycle and it's not something that happens overnight."

Mixon recommends women in sticky situations have a suitcase with clothes ready to go and documents they might need to get away with.

"Social security cards, any marriage license, a check stub from his salary if she can get it, birth certificates; things she's going to need to get resources to help her," Mixon said.

Mixon said The Cumbee Center is one place a woman with nowhere else to turn can go to find help.

"We provide shelter at no cost for the woman and her children," Mixon said. "We network with different agencies, the department of social services, job services and even some of them will go to school to better themselves and make a better living for their children."

Mixon said the cycle of abuse begins when children grow up witness relatives fighting. She recommends telling both boys and girls it isn't ok to hit and warns abuse does not have a gender or an economic status.

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