Experts offer advice on keeping debt down

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - If you're struggling to pay off credit card debt, statistics show you're not alone.

According to, average credit card debt per household in the United States is $15,480.

Student Jason Conger said he isn't surprised at all by the numbers, but tries to pay off his as soon as he can

I usually pay off my credit cards as I'm spending so I don't incur any interest," Conger said.

Experts said the best way to knock out debt is to create a budget.

"Set a budget and stick to the budget, "Wells Fargo Store Manager Brad Hartman said. "Make sure you're using good common sense when making purchases and buying needs, not wants."

Hartman also said look into your credit limit and the interest rates on each card.

"Sit down with your banker and have a financial review of your accounts," Hartman said. "Just see what's going on."

For more information on how much debt the average American household has, head to

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